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Market Research AzerbaijanPost the Soviet era, Azerbaijan has transformed into a major oil-based economy, which undeniably led the country to experience significant economic growth. In 2005, Azerbaijan’s GDP grew at 26.4%, making it the country with the second highest GDP growth across the globe. The following year, it finally became the country with the highest GDP growth rate of 34.6%.

Azerbaijan was among the world’s top performer in 2007 - 2008, improving seven out of 10 indicators of its regulatory reform. In 2008 the country started operating a one-stop set of regulation which lowered the time, number of procedures and cost to start a business. Between 2010 to 2011, Azerbaijan was ranked 57th in the Global Competitiveness Index above other CIS countries, and as of 2014, Azerbaijan had the highest foreign investment per capita among the Commonwealth of Independent States. Ever since the country gained independence, companies have invested more than $170 billion into Azerbaijan, with foreign direct investments accounted for half of the total amount.

Two-thirds of Azerbaijan’s area is rich in oil and natural gas, thus making the country one of the major oil producers. The agricultural sector also plays a major role in the country’s economy as Azerbaijan has the largest agricultural basin in the region. To date, Azerbaijan’s government has launched a number of projects to help develop the country’s economy. Azerbaijan is set to match international standards and is now targeting global players to enter the market. The government also targets to develop the country’s tourism industry and improve its agricultural sector. It is expected that Azerbaijan’s economy will grow at an average of 3.5% in future years due to increasing natural gas exports. Supported by domestic demand, higher wages and better economic condition, the non-energy output is forecasted to also expand at around 3%.

Market Research Azerbaijan, is a marketing strategy advisory firm focused in the Asia-Pacific region including Azerbaijan. We have extensive experience in providing the right roadmaps and strategic plans to help our clients expand their businesses in Azerbaijan. The country is experiencing major economic transformation, and companies must adapt and transform their businesses accordingly. Our teams of expert consultants will provide market entry strategy, benchmark analysis and growth strategy needed to achieve a sustainable growth in the Azerbaijan market. We understand how dynamic and fast-changing this market is, so that we provide our clients with comprehensive and functional strategic plans to achieve a competitive advantage in the region.

Market Research Azerbaijan provides advisory services in sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, energy, technology and automotive. We have more than 10 years of advisory experience and an extensive track of projects with a client repeat rate of 90%. Our expert consultants and executives advise clients with in-depth and comprehensive strategic plans to implement innovative and out-of-the box solutions. Market Research Azerbaijan will provide you innovative blueprints to expand your business in the region.

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Some of Azerbaijann market entry and market expansion services we offer:
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